Building Churches in Mali and Feeding the Villages in Burkino

M16 Revival is partnering Pastor Osakue Akioya with Oasis Global to feed the poor and build churches in Mali, Burkina and other parts of Africa.

In this video Pastor Osakue mentioned the impact that M16 Revival is making in Burkino Faso/Mali and shares with us how we can pray for the areas.

Supporting Grassroots UK Evangelists during lockdown

M16Revival had the opportunity to meet Evangelist Richard Howard during the lockdown in August 2020 and since then His team have led more than 50 people on the streets in a personal decision to receive Jesus as there Lord and Saviour. We blessed the team with a new sound system so that they can be more effective in reaching people with the gospel. Here Richard shares his story regarding the prayer support and the practical support M16Revival were able to give him during the lockdown as His team were out sharing the Gospel each week in Kings Lynn, UK and the surround areas.

If you would like to support the work of M16Revival in the Nations you can give by using the information on the following link