M16 Revival is a team of revival missionaries with a passion for global missions. As part of M16 Revival we are ….


We believe in teamwork and engaging with teams across the UK and the world. The local Church is God’s expression of mission in the wider world. Working with and as part of the local Church is our priority in order to build a team that spreads the gospel to the nations.


We are all disciples of Jesus planted in local Churches. We are deeply committed to knowing and following Jesus. A disciple is someone who is disciplined in prayer, studies the word and who follows Christ. Our aim is not just to see decisions for the gospel but to train disciples to be effective in the world.


We are passionate intercessors who have a mandate to inspire prayer in the local Church. Each month we gather together to pray as a team in all that the Lord has called us to do. Every mission is saturated in prayer and fasting and seeking the face of God for that specific location we are going to. We love prayer and teaching on prayer. Our passion is to have a deep intimate relationship with Christ as all intercession flows through intimacy with Jesus


We are fire starters and torch bearers of the gospel in the UK and beyond. We believe in lighting fires through prayer and the proclamation of the gospel in the UK. We believe that this generation needs to carry the torch of the gospel to the next generation. Our passion is to light fires in the hearts of people and see them burn with a fresh passion for their generation.


We believe that faith lives on the edge, faith itself is a risk taker and we believe in living on the edge of missions and raising up a radical generation who will do whatever it takes to bring the gospel to the next generation. Hebrews 11 mentions all those in the Bible who lived on the edge with risk taking faith, our aim is to raise up such a generation with radical faith.


We value partnership with other ministries in the gospel as we realise that as a team we cannot reach the world alone. We are a part of the Church globally and our value is to work in unity and alongside other Churches, fellowships, ministries and groups to bring the gospel to the world.

Ultimately, we believe in reviving the Church and saving the world through the good news of Jesus Christ the Son of God.