In March 2020 Kristian and Toyin Lythe had the opportunity to organise the first medical mission for the M16 Revival Foundation in Romania. Just before the national lockdown in the UK from the 28th February – 2nd March they flew into the Constanta region to work with Pastor Vasilica Croitor and families from the Roma Gypsy community through Bethlehem Church Community Centre in Medgiddia.

Due to the high level of poverty and social inequalities, many of families do not get access to basic medical care, healthy food or running water. Some of the parents leave their children poorly supervised while they work away from home for extended periods of time.

The Community Centre in Medgiddia, hosts activities, self-help skills training, a library, canteen and medical clinic which helps care for those in need. Pastor Vasilica Croitor and his team have a vision to build more centres for the community and to start new schools to educate the children in the local area.

Here you can see the video of the Vision for the Community Centre and the impact its making in Medgiddia amongst the Roma gypsy children.

English Promo Video

Romanian Promo Video

The Vision of M16Revival is to partner with Bethlehem Church and the community centre to release doctors and medical staff into the mission field of Romania and to raise up others who can help in Romania and other parts of Eastern Europe.

We also have plans to run medical clinics in the following countries:

  • Mali
  • Burkino Faso
  • India

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