‘It’s not time to de-commission the Church but to re-commission the Church,’ quote by Kristian Lythe.

Our prayer is that God would use us to advance the gospel, to see a revival in the Church and a revival of the Great Commission.

M16 Revival is about reviving the Great Commission of Mark 16 and raising up missionaries to impact the wider world with the gospel.

M16 Revival has four main objectives for revival training in the world:

  1. Revival Prayer Tours – The M16 Revival team is passionate about inspiring prayer in the local Church and leading prayer expeditions across the UK, to re-dig the well of revival and to spark fresh fires for missions. The main priority so far has been to pray in towns and villages along the coastline of the UK as well as pin pointing key areas where revivals took place in the past. If you consider that your community would benefit from or would like to partner with us or take part in some format during our PRAYER TOURS please do get in touch. You would be very surprised how easy it is to get involved. A Revival Tour consists of visiting towns and villages across the U.K. where revivals had been in the past and we stay there for a few days with those who would like to join us.

  3. Revival Missions – In addition to in the UK, the M16 Revival team are currently working with Churches in France, Switzerland, Finland and Romania and are looking at pioneering new missions in places in Africa and Asia. The team are currently preparation to run a few missions to Africa, if you would like to join please contact us for further details.

  5. Revival Academies – Our aim is to host Revival Academies across the UK that will train both individuals and groups about what God did in the UK in the past so that we can inspire a new generation of revivalists for the future. We are currently hosting these events in North London and South London on an annual basis. We look at men and women of God like John and Charles Wesley, George and Stephen Jeffreys, William and Catherine Booth who blazed a trail of the gospel in the UK and how the Church is commissioned to do the same. We also invite key note guest speakers who share with us what God is doing in the UK in the area of revival evangelism.

  7. The Supernatural Gospel – The Supernatural Gospel is a school that is hosted by the M16 Revival team where our aim is to train Church members and disciples on how to share their faith effectively with others and how to operate in signs and wonders. The aim is to stir up the gifts of the Spirit in the local Church and to see them as key ways to break new ground for the gospel in cities of the UK. This is a new area we are pioneering with practical demonstration on the streets.

For more info contact: info@m16revival.com and we will send you the dates for the upcoming events but you also check the Itinerary Section as well.

‘In order for the gospel to be effective in the world we must to be revived,’ quote by Kristian Lythe.