The M16 Revival team has covered the UK coastline and inland places in prayer since it started in October 2018.

Here is a list of places we have gone to and taken teams so far to pray for revival in the UK as prayer is at the centre of mission. Our teams are praying regularly for UK towns and villages to be saved. If you have a town you are praying for please let us know by emailing

  1. Aberdeen
  2. Bedford,
  3. Birmingham
  4. Blackpool
  5. Boston, Norfolk
  6. Brantham
  7. Broadstairs, Kent
  8. Cardiff, Wales
  9. Chatham, Kent
  10. Christchurch
  11. Cornwall – Truro
  12. Ebba Vale, Wales
  13. Felixstowe, Suffolk
  14. Fishguard
  15. Gillingham
  16. Ipswich, Suffolk
  17. Kidlington
  18. Kings Lynn
  19. Leyton Buzzard
  20. London Camberwell
  21. London Greenford
  22. London Grove Park
  23. London Holborn
  24. London Ilford
  25. London Moorgate
  26. London Palmers Green
  27. London Southall
  28. London Trafalgar Square
  29. London Walthamstow
  30. London Wimbledon
  31. London Woolwich
  32. Middlesbrough
  33. Moggerhanger
  34. Norwich, Norfolk
  35. Raleigh
  36. Ramsgate, Kent
  37. Sandy
  38. Scarborough
  39. St David’s, Wales
  40. Sunderland
  41. Whitstable
  42. Wolverhampton
  43. Watford
  44. London Kennington
  45. London Stratford
  46. London Soho
  47. Rochester
  48. London Enfield
  49. London Brixton
  50. London Oval
  51. London Hackney
  52. London Islington
  53. Brighton
  54. Worthing
  55. East Sussex
  56. Cornwall – Penzance
  57. Cornwall – Newquay
  58. Chester
  59. Luton
  60. Deal, Kent
  61. Fife, Scotland
  62. St Andrews, Scotland
  63. Christchurch,
  64. Inverness, Scotland
  65. Bristol
  66. Nottingham
  67. Northampton
  68. Brentwood
  69. Bournemouth
  70. Portsmouth

M16 Revival has four main areas for Revival Missions that they are focusing on this year:

The Story of St Peter’s Broadstairs- where St Augustine landed to evangelise the UK, a mission he completed within 2 years. The intention is to partner with local Churches particularly in Broadstairs and Kent which look to be key locations and dig wells of revival in prayer. We are currently in partnership with Pastor Alan Osborn from the Elim Church Broadstairs, who has a vision to plant Churches all over Kent. This year we will be planning a 3 day prayer weekend with the Church.

The Story of Felixstowe – UK’s most significant port as the largest container port, handling 37% of all container units. The intention is to plan missions to Felixstowe and to partner with the River of Life Church there for the Felixstowe Festival in July 2020. We are also seeking to work with other Churches to impact the surrounding towns.

The Story of Geneva (Thonons) – the “Rome” of the Protestant reformation. This is the place of the famous John Calvin and where John Knox frequently visited. We are believing to work with Churches in North France and Switzerland to blaze a trail of the gospel into both of these countries that will impact Europe. In autumn of this year we plan to return to Geneva to take another group of people to visit John Calvin’s Church and to tour other key areas praying for revival. We are currently working with the Elim Church in Thonon Pastored by Luc Favre and his team.