Kristian was praying for a period of 40 days as he felt God told to him rise up at 6:45am every morning in the year 2018 from January to February. In the middle of February around the 40th day into the time of prayer, Kristian went into the prayer room and felt inspired to open Mark 16:1-20 and through prayer and intercession began to understand that the Lord was speaking to him about the need to stir up the ‘Go’ of the Gospel. Kristian experienced a fresh commissioning that day and this sent him on a journey to study Mark 16. Kristian recognised that the Greek word ‘Go’ means to travel, to journey, to move.

Kristian knew that God was calling him and re-commissioning him for something new and that it was time to move into that calling to preach the gospel. Kristian began also to realise that the context of the ‘GO’ was through the place of pain; the disciples had just lost Jesus, He had died and disappeared and they had gone through a massive crisis point of faith. However in the midst of this mourning and crisis, Christ appears and commissions them to “go into the world and preach the gospel”. Christ turns the crisis into a Commissioning Service and sends them out to change the world. The Church may have been in a crisis but Christ is about to show up with a fresh re-commissioning.

‘It’s not time to de-commission the Church but to re-commission the Church,’ quote by Kristian Lythe.